Kalika Karate Do Academy Nepal is one of the reputed martial art training center in Kalikanagar, Butwal-10, Rupandehi, Nepal. Kalika Karate Do Academy Nepal has own residential Kabad Hall which is operated by the President/Chief Coach of Kalika Karate 'Krishna Prasad Devkota'.



Karate is one of the World’s most popular martial arts. Modern day Karate was developed in Okinawa, a small Island off Japan. Karate is a highly effective system of self-defence, and also an excellent form of exercise that promotes a number of life skills and values.

Karate techniques focus mainly on hand strikes, but uses elbow and knee strikes as well as some kicking techniques.

Students practice two modalities of karate: kata, a series of attack and defense techniques used against an imaginary opponent, and kumite, sparring against an opponent using attack and defense techniques.

The philosophy of karate emphasizes proper training of the mind as well as the body, building character, and focusing on principles such as respect, self-control, and concentration.


The sport comes from the traditional martial art basis of providing self-defense, and combines the martial art kicks of karate with the punches of boxing.  It is also said that it has its roots in the Thai martial art, Muay Thai, which is known for its elbow and knee strikes.  Kickboxing has grown into a world wide sport with several different styles and a number of sanctioning bodies to keep the kicks and punches within a safe sporting domain.

Kickboxing has spread around the world since the modern form of the sport was first developed in Japan in the 1950s. Estimates of the number of participants vary because there are at least 14 different national and regional variations, some of which consider themselves mixed martial arts rather than kickboxing in the strict sense. 

Kickboxing is practiced almost entirely by adolescents and young adults. It is a potentially dangerous sport that requires more speed, agility, coordination, and muscular strength than most older adults possess. Although it is difficult to estimate the total number of kickboxers either worldwide about 90% in all countries are male.